Show compassion for vulnerable children by becoming a Sponsor.  Your monthly gift of $30 or more delivers real impact toward restoring the hope and future of a child. Sponsorship is a wonderful way to demonstrate compassionate action.

COMPACT Family Services, through it's ministry programs, provides around-the-clock Christian care for children who suffer separation from family due to death, incarceration, maltreatment or other misfortune. Help us redeem family and future for a child in need. 

You can provide sponsorship funds through Cottage Sponsorship


Cottage Sponsorship is a resource to redeem vulnerable children and families by giving to an entire cottage of children each month or annually. Our cottages average about 8 residents. When you choose to become a cottage sponsor your funds are utilized for the care of a specifically needy child, respite children, special items that assist our houseparents in caring for a group of children and everyday necessities to run and care for a household. This sponsorship focuses on making sure we equip our houseparents with resources to nurture the children they responsible for on a daily basis. You will be provided the name of your sponsored cottage as well as specific information regarding that cottage.  The benefit to this form of sponsorship is your cottage will not change and you will be able to build a lasting connection with your sponsored cottage.




To join our Sponsorship program, contact us today!

or call our offices at 501-262-1660 and ask for Sponsorship

For additional information about Sponsorship, visit our FAQ page