Show compassion for vulnerable children by becoming a COMPACT Sponsor. Your monthly gift delivers redeeming impact for restoring the hope and future of these children.  

Your monthly gift of any amount (we suggest $1 per day or $30 per month) empowers around-the-clock Christian care for children who have experienced abandonment, abuse, neglect and other misfortune. Your financial gift helps provide clothing, food, fun, health, hope, learning, love, opportunity and more for these precious kids.

If you have questions about sponsoring, you can email or call Sharon Page at or 501-262-1660.

You can provide sponsorship funds through either
Child Sponsorship or Cottage Sponsorship

When you become a child sponsor, your monthly gift goes directly to the care of one specific child. We will assign you a child in our care and send you information about that child – pen name*, age, birthday, likes and sizes. You are encouraged to send cards, letters or gifts to build a relationship with that child. Due to the nature of foster care and children coming in and out of our care, it is possible for your sponsored child to change. If your child leaves COMPACT, we will transfer your sponsorship and send you information about your new sponsored child.

*The child’s real name is withheld due to child protection laws, but each child chooses his/her own pen name.


Cottage Sponsorship allows you to support a cottage home of your choice. Your monetary gift will go directly towards care for children in that cottage.  Cottages average 6-8 residents each and are grouped by age and gender or as siblings. Your sponsorship may be directed to a select home of girls or boys of various ages or a large sibling group. Cottage Sponsorship offers steady support for the home as children find reunification with family or adoption and as new children enter the cottage.  You can build a lasting relationship with your sponsored cottage.  We encourage you to send cards, letters, and birthday or seasonal gifts.

To join our Sponsorship program, contact us today!

or call our offices at 501-262-1660 and ask for Sponsorship

For additional information about Sponsorship, visit our FAQ page