COMPACT Sponsorship

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – What are my responsibilities as a COMPACT sponsor?

A – Sponsors pledge a minimum of $30 per month (or a Dollar A Day) for the care and support of a child or a cottage.

Q – Does a child receive the money directly?

A – Monthly support goes into COMPACT’s sponsorship fund. Your contribution helps provide for lodging, meals, clothing, and education for a child. Contributions also provide birthday and holiday gifts,allowances,hobbies, and other extracurricular activities.

Q – Can I send monetary gifts for birthday and Christmas?

A – Yes! Gifts for any occasion are ALWAYS welcome.

Q – As a sponsor, may I correspond with a child?

A – In many cases, yes. In keeping with child protection regulations, please contact our office for assistance.

Q – May I visit COMPACT campus?

A – Visits may be arranged by contacting the COMPACT office and scheduling a time for an on-campus visit.  Please call: 501-262-1660

Q - Will I receive an actual photo of a specific child or cottage of children?

A - Child protection laws, especially in the U.S., have become very complex. Like you, our primary desire is to protect the lives of the children. Thus, we are unable to send you an actual photo of a child. Nevertheless, the sponsorship program is essential to caring for the fatherless and fragmented. Child sponsors make a HUGE impact in the lives of children in our trust. We can’t do it without you!

Q - What does it cost to care for a child?

A - Due to the complexities of the lives of the children we serve, costs are much greater than what would be considered “normal.” Annually, we invest more than $30,000 per child, which is below the national average for this type of social service care. We want to insure each child receives excellent Christ-centered services.

Q - Where should contributions be sent?

A - Contributions should be sent to the following mailing address:

COMPACT Family Services

2325 Malvern Avenue

Hot Springs Springs, AR  71901

Please include in the memo field of your check: child/cottage name or fund code

For online giving, you can visit and utilize your provided fund code.

Q - Where should communication be sent?

A - Send cards, letters, and packages to the following mailing address:

COMPACT Family Services

Attn: (insert child's name or cottage name)

2325 Malvern Avenue

Hot Springs, AR 71901

For more information, please call 501-262-1660 and ask for sponsorship