Get CompaCare® Certificate Training!

Hurting children and families often come from hard places. They need compassionate care. They needyour competency and proficiency from CompaCare® Certificate Training!

There are TWO VITAL CompaCare® Certificate Trainings ready to empower you and CompaCare in your church:

1. CompaCare® Certificate Training for Church Ministry Leaders provides empowerment to:

• Conduct an effective local Community Study that identifies resources to help meet the
needs of foster children, foster families, adoptive families, widows, the homeless,
disabled, and others.
• Develop an annual ministry plan.
• Cast vision and mobilize compassionate care.
• Recruit, train, and deploy CompaCare Family Advocates and other volunteers to
effectively minister to children and families from hard places.
• Master and manage deployment of the CompaCare system.

2. CompaCare® Certificate Training for Family Advocates empowers caring persons to:

• How to best help vulnerable children and families.
• Develop and deploy compassionate core competencies that truly help.
• Access surrounding resources to meet needs.
• Connect needs with resources and volunteers at hand.
• Equip fellow volunteers to better minister to vulnerable children and families.

Experienced, skilled and trained CompaCare Representatives approved by COMPACT Family Services provide local, district, regional, and national CompaCare® Certificate Training!

Now that you have an understanding of the CompaCare compassion care system, get CompaCare® Certificate Training as a caring person or leader!

To learn more about CompaCare® Certificate Training and your opportunity to participate call the COMPACT Family Services national office at 501-262-1660.

CompaCare® is compassionate care