Following a year of survey and study on foster care ministry within the Assemblies of God fellowship, Assemblies of God Family Services Agency, dba. COMPACT Family Services will soon offer a pilot church mobilization project to broaden our foster care ministry in 2014.

COMPACT has strategically partnered with a research and evidence-based ministry, FaithBridge Foster Care, to deliver a proven system for foster care family recruitment and resourcing to help advance the Assemblies of God fellowship in this arena.

The priority is three-fold.

  1. Develop a “modern orphan” ministry that is proportionate to the size of the need and the Assemblies of God fellowship. A parallel of the Scriptural mandate for orphan care ministry (James 1:27) with the size of the AG calls for the care of at least 12,000 foster care children in the United States.
  2. Address the major challenges facing the current foster care system.
    • Capacity
    • Stability
    • Quality
  3. Successfully pilot in 2014 a certification program for AG foster families and churches in select states to help redeem fatherless children and fragmented families in the cause of Jesus Christ.  Following a successful pilot, extend the effort nationally in 2015.

As found in the AG Foster Care Survey, there is a current measure of active foster care ministry.  However, the work is limited and often in need of additional resource.  The developing effort is not necessarily intended to replace current work but to assist, enhance, and network more.

Please pray for the work and look for more information about what, where, when and how after the New Year.

December 17, 2013