Highlands Maternity Home

Highlands Maternity Home FAQs

We understand you will have many questions and concerns about your pregnancy and future plans. Our goal at Highlands is to offer you the Christian care and support you need to heal a broken heart, helping you make wise choices for your future and the future of your baby. Foremost, we desire each young woman to seek the Lord and His goodness to help you make a strong plan for a bright future.

What is the cost?
Presently, there is no cost for our residential services for expectant unwed mothers. COMPACT is supported by churches and Christians across the nation.

Is there a minimum time at Highlands before the delivery date?
To receive the full benefits of Highlands ministry it is suggested that the prospective resident enter the ministry sometime during her first trimester. Our medical professionals recommend no later than 12 weeks before the birth as the minimum entry date.

Will she be able to finish high school or complete a GED course?
Yes, educational arrangements can be made. It is our desire for each resident to continue and/or further her education while at Highlands and this is done on an individual basis. There are several educational options to choose from. Highlands does request the parents or resident provide for the cost of continuing educational expenses.

Options for school-age residents:
* Continue high school education/GED through our local School District (Lakeside School District)
* Go on a home-bound status from your current school 

What Activities and Classes are available?
Highlands has a number of scheduled activities and classes. These have been established for the spiritual, emotional, educational, and relational benefit to each resident. Highlands' residents will have the opportunity to enjoy many of the Hot Springs and Little Rock attractions. Outings are planned to local museums, parks, shopping, and other attractions and events that take place in the area as well as what we offer on campus.

Classes include:
Parenting Education

Adoption Education and Services
Decision Making
Financial Peace
Nutrition & Physical Recreation
Continuing Education (for minors)
Job Readiness Courses
Child Birth Preparation
Sewing & Art Classes

Campus Activities:
Heated Swimming Pool

Walking Path
Sewing Lab
Computer Lab

Is counseling available?
If a resident appears to need additional counseling regarding life issues not pertaining to her pregnancy, Highlands will seek to provide her with professional biblical counseling. At times, parents may be asked to assist in covering these costs.

What kind of medical care will she receive?
Highlands understands how important proper medical care is for an expectant mother and her child. All residents deliver at Mercy Health Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Your Highlands' case manager and the Mercy medical team will supervise your prenatal care, delivery, and post-delivery needs for you and your baby.

How are medical expenses covered while at Highlands?
All young ladies will be given the opportunity to apply for Arkansas Pregnancy Medicaid. Private insurance may be used but understand that all co-pays, RXs, and other possible expenses will be the financial responsibility of the young lady.

Is adoption encouraged?
At Highlands, you experience the freedom, power, and choice to make a sound family plan for your child. Making an informed decision regarding your pregnancy includes exploring all your options. Whether it be adoption or parenting, you will receive the education you need to empower you and prepare for your child's bright future. At Highlands, you come to understand the power of God's blessings.

What if an adoption plan is selected?
At COMPACT we also have an adoption service located on our campus to assist you should you choose an adoption plan. Adoption is a loving and courageous decision...one of the most unselfish loving acts a birthmother/birthfather can do. Residents choosing an adoption plan, choose their adoptive family from COMPACT couple profiles. It takes a lot of love to make a plan for adoption. At Highlands, you are involved in the adoption process to ensure your child has the best home environment he/she deserves. You choose your family and baby's future. As Scripture points out, "He sets the beloved in families."

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact Highlands at (501) 262-1660
or email us at Highlands@agfsa.org 

Download an application and fax to (501) 262-0115, ATTN: Highlands Case Manager