Hillcrest Children's Home


    What ages does Hillcrest Children's Home accept?
    Hillcrest is licensed by the State of Arkansas Division of Health and Human Services to accept children for residential care between the ages of 5 and 18.

    Do the children have contact with their parents?
    Yes, in most cases the children have visits from parents or relatives.  However, some children do not have parents or the court has ordered that there be no visitation.

    Can family and friends visit the children?
    Yes, family and friends may visit the children by contacting our Social Services Department.  Ask for Joyce Swartz, Social Services Director Secretary. She will assist you in setting up an appointment to visit the child.

    Is there counseling provided?
    Yes, counseling is provided for the children on a regular basis and it is recommended that parents also receive counseling.

    Will children with behavioral issues be accepted...and to what degree?
    Children with behavioral issues may be accepted into the program. Each child is evaluated and decisions are made on each individual evaluation.

    Is there an application for Hillcrest online?
    No, please call Hillcrest at (501) 262-1660 and request an application be sent.