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June '19 Newsletter
Growing Ministries of COMPACT, 75th Anniversary Matching Challenge, Employment Opportunities 


April '19 Newsletter
Foster Care + CompaCare = Easter Salvation, Thank You to Donors, 2019 Project List, Summer Camp


February '19 Newsletter
COMPACT Christmas, Hiring Houseparents, Highlands Reopening in Missouri

January '19 Newsletter
COMPACT Christmas, Hiring Houseparents, Highlands Reopening in Missouri

December '18 Newsletter
COMPACT Christmas, Hiring Houseparents, Highlands Reopening in Missouri

November '18 Newsletter
COMPACT Christmas, Hiring Houseparents, Highlands Reopening in Missouri

October '18 Newsletter
COMPACT earns National Accreditation, COMPACT Christmas, Thanks to Harvest Festival Donors, Join our Birthday Club

September '18 Newsletter
Annual Harvest Festival, Bike Riding, Betty's 10th Birthday

August '18 Newsletter
Hillcrest Gym Renovation Dedication, Lesson from a Broken Quilt, Back to School

July '18 Newsletter
Giving is Redeeming, Harvest Festival, Travelers Game

June '18 Newsletter
Transitional Living Center, Now Hiring, Harvest Festival Date Announced, Summer Camp

May '18 Newsletter
Foster Care and CompaCare Growth, Hiring Highlands Houseparents, Summer Camp
Sent May 9, 2018

April '18 Newsletter
New Ministry Video, Summer Camp, Happy Birthday, Houseparent Training, New Clothes
Sent April 11, 2018

March '18 Newsletter
Maps RV Volunteers, Sibling Houseparents, Happy Birthday
Sent March 12, 2018

February '18 Newsletter
Partner Compassion, 2017 Summary Ministry Report, Cindy & Miranda Saved and Baptized, Sibling Houseparents,  Happy Birthday
Sent February 9, 2018

January '18 Newsletter
Happy New Year, Meet Lance Nelson, Meet Sharon Page, COMPACT Christmas, We Are Growing, Happy Birthday
Sent January 10, 2018

December '17 Newsletter
Merry Christmas, The Bible Tells Me So, COMPACT Christmas, CompaCare, Houseparent Openings, Birthdays
Sent December 4, 2017

November '17 Newsletter
Happy Thanksgiving, COMPACT Christmas, Orphan Sunday, CompaCare, CompaCare Training, Birthdays
Sent November 2, 2017

October '17 Newsletter
National Foster Care Training, I Run for the Family 5K, Annual Harvest Festival Goal, COMPACT Christmas, Birthdays
Sent October 3 , 2017

September '17 Newsletter
Speed the light Van Purchase, National Training Event, Run for the Family 5K, Dressed for Success, Birthdays
Sent September 2, 2017

August '17 Newsletter
Release of New Resource, Donors Make a Difference, 5K, Dressed for Success, Birthdays
Sent August 3, 2017

July '17 Newsletter
New Administrator, Camp Testimonies, 10 Ways to Be a Great Dad, Dressed for Success, Harvest Festival, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent July 1, 2017

June '17 Newsletter
Growing Foster Care, National Children's Day, Summer Family Fun, Harvest Festival, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent June 6, 2017

May '17 Newsletter
National Foster Care Month, Roof Project, Magic Springs, Mission Teams, Harvest Festival, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent May 5, 2017

April '17 Newsletter
Welcome Jesse Bull, Easter Family Devotions, Clothing Drive, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent April 3, 2017

March '17 Newsletter
It's OK for the Wingo's, Spring/Summer Clothing Drive, Fixer Upper Team, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent March 1, 2017

February '17 Newsletter
New Theme for 2017, Testimony, Spring/Summer Clothing Drive,  COMPACT Birthdays
Sent February 1, 2017

January '17 Newsletter
Happy New Year, 2016 in Review, 10 Things to Building a Stronger Family, Teamwork and Missions, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent January 3, 2017

November '16 Newsletter
Providing Meat Since 1978, Happy Thanksgiving, Support COMPACT by Shopping, COMPACT Christmas, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent September 6, 2016

October '16 Newsletter
Harvest Festival and 5K Update, COMPACT Christmas, Forever Families, Maps RV Partnership, National Orphan Care Sunday, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent October 2, 2016

September '16 Newsletter
What We Do Matters, Back to School Thank You, Redeeming the Fatherless Since 1944, Urgent Need, 5K Registration Open, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent September 6, 2016

July/August '16 Newsletter
Highlands Celebrates 50 Years!, Back to School, Brand New Bible, Hillcrest Students Support STL, Pictures of God's Grace, Harvest Festival and 5K, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent August 2, 2016

June '16 Newsletter
Compassionate Wisdom, Roof Project Update, Weekend Project, From the Outside Looking In, Save the Date, COMPACT Birthdays
Sent June 30, 2016

May '16 Newsletter
Hope is Here, Ministry Center Roof Update, Adventure Awaits, 10 Teams from 10 States, Save the Date, COMPACT Birthdays, Graduation Celebration
Sent May 27, 2016

April '16 Newsletter
Ministry Center Roof Update, Meet Mikala, Springtime Fun Around Campus, COMPACT Birthdays, Fresh Start for TLC Resident, Graduation Time
Sent April 29, 2016

March '16 Newsletter
We Are On Mission (2016 Theme), Meet the Blocksoms, Project Support Needed, COMPACT Birthdays, New Pond Dock, Spring Clothing for Students, Updated Needs List
Sent March 15, 2016

September/October '15 Newsletter
2015 Harvest Festival and COMPACT 5K, STL Goal, Highlands Relocation, COMPACT Christmas, 2016 Missions Teams, Orphan Sunday, COMPACT Birthdays, Updated Needs List
Sent October 30, 2015

August '15 Newsletter
2015 Harvest Festival and COMPACT 5K, HF/5K Event Sponsorship, Hillcrest Birthdays, Updated Needs List, Join Our Incredible Team
Sent August 31, 2015

July '15 Newsletter
Back to School, Power of God's Love, Hillcrest Teens on Their Way to Florida, Hillcrest Birthdays, Updated Needs List, Join Our Incredible Team
sent July 31, 2015

June '15 Newsletter
Three New Programs Begin July 1, Meet the Gants, Hillcrest Teens Headed to Fine Arts, Hillcrest Birthdays, Join Our Incredible Team, Updated Needs List
sent June 30, 2015

May '15 Newsletter
Celebrating 4 Hillcrest Graduates, Meet Jill, Hillcrest Teens Headed to Fine Arts, Hillcrest Birthdays, Join Our Amazing Team, Youth/Kids Camp Sponsorship, Updated Needs List
sent March 30, 2015

April '15 Newsletter
Faith From the Beginning, Meet Gary, Mr. Bill, Hillcrest Birthdays, Youth/Kids Camp Sponsorship, Updated Needs List, Join Our Team
sent April 30, 2015

March '15 Newsletter
Blessing in Many Styles, Snow Day Fun, Meet the Grays, Hillcrest Birthdays, Youth/Kids Camp Sponsorship, Updated Needs List, Join Our Team
sent March 24, 2015

February '15 Newsletter
Moving Forward - STL Update, COMPACT Season of Prayer, Meet Lonni, Hillcrest Birthdays, Child Sponsorship, Join Our Team, Updated Needs List
sent February 28, 2015

January '15 Newsletter
New 2015 Theme "By My Spirit", Meet the Burdens, Groves Family Legacy, Hillcrest Birthdays, Join Our Team, Child Sponsorship, Updated Needs List
sent January 28, 2015

December '14 Newsletter
Christmas Came Early for COMPACT, Meet the Paullus Family, A Race for Play, Hillcrest Birthdays, Closing 2014 Giving Note
sent December 22, 2014

November '14 Newsletter
Happy Thanksgiving from Hillcrest Kids, Clothe a Child This Winter, Meet the Ericksons, Hillcrest Birthdays, Gift Cards Needed
sent November 18, 2014

October '14 Newsletter
Christmas for Hillcrest, COMPACT 70th Celebration, Meet the Ways, Team COMPACT 2014 Report, COMPACT Royalty
sent October 24, 2014

September '14 Newsletter
HIllcrest Turns 70, 70th Celebration Sponsors, Ice Tank Challenge, Christmas Needs

sent September 22, 2014

August '14 Newsletter
Meet the Wingos, 70th Celebration Update, Back to School Needs
sent August 25, 2014

July '14 Newsletter
Hillcrest Teens go to Florida, 70th Celebration Plans Underway, Back to School Needs, Houseparents Needed

sent June 17, 2014

June '14 Newsletter
Celebrating 70 Years, Graduation Celebration, Pentecostal Evangel 
sent June 17, 2014

May '14 Newsletter
Cards of Hope, Reaching the Next Generation, National Foster Care Month
sent May 15, 2014

April '14 Newsletter
Kids and Horses, Meet the Fredricksons, Urgent Needs
sent April 30, 2014

March '14 Newsletter

Meet the Ellsworths, God is Victory, Sponsorship, Existing to Exist, Happy Birthday, Houseparents Needed 
sent March 28, 2014

February '14 Newsletter
Meet the Fords, Sponsorship Challenge Continues, Campus Tour, COMPACT Presented at NLRC, Charisma Magazine Article
sent February 27, 2014

January '14 Newsletter
Meet the Hircocks, Winter Sponsorship Challenge, Tractor Supply, Christmas Cheer

sent January 23, 2014

December '13 Newsletter
Merry Christmas, A Gift that Keeps Giving, Meet the Lowes, Season of Need
sent December 13, 2013

November '13 Newsletter
Abiding for a Harvest, Are Unwed Pregnancies an Epidemic?, A Step of Faith, Hillcrest Royalty, Season of Need
sent November 11, 2013

October '13 Newsletter
What is a Father?, From the Mouth of a Child, Hillcrest Comedy Night, A Car Returned
sent October 1, 2013

General Council '13 
Update from General Council
sent August 21, 2013