AG Giving Project #890068

  • The ministry center is the support base for all the ministry homes on campus. Health services, family therapy, and other clinical ministry operations for children and youth occur daily in the Ministry Center.  We are asking, seeking and knocking for God's supply for this important repair need.
  • The three-story, 24,000 square foot ministry building built in 1998 had critical roof problems requiring professional commercial repair for both the flat top and the mansard sides.
  • The agency took out a line of credit to make the emergency repair costing $147,000.
  • Every gift amount is valuable!  The repair cost per square foot of the ministry center is approximately $6.  Individuals, families, churches, and businesses could fund a portion of the 24,000 square feet of the roofed building at $6 per square foot.  For example, $100 covers 16 square feet of the need.  $1000 covers 166 sq. ft.  $5,000 covers 833 sq. ft.  $15,000 covers 2,500 sq. ft.  Every $6 counts!
  • You can give to the project by simply clicking the secure giving link above.  Thank you!
  • BGMC approved the project for funding too!  If you and your church would like to give through BGMC for this project, you can designate your gift to BGMC Project #007002-020206





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